Goal-Directed Walking as Reinstatement of Perceptual Views
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Trajectory paths in walking seem to be highly determine, .. in agreement with the generalization that organisms easily and promptly counte;!i..ct and correct slight deviations from some internalized form of desired paths in natural locomrtion. Accounts of trajectory path determination might require constructs that reft.: .. to internal control of a series of specific views appeari.<1g in perceptual awareness and based on invariant object structure. Maximal control should refer to a path between an initial view and a terminal view that matches a target view specified as such by perceptual activity in a past event. Limitations of capacity for perceptual view reinstatement in task conditions may depend on the functioning of an internalized model of target-specifying perceptual activities tied to a past even\ feedforward determining a predictive quality of implicit visualization activity that terminates in expected view(s) and aiming point(s) followed by goaldirection-intrinsic kedback from perceptual views during path progression. These compromise premises, as compared to other approaches (cf. Gibson, 1979; Hollerbach, 1990), guided the following research.