chapter  7
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A nursing model for the care of the elderly

SUMMARY This model arose out of specific concerns that elderly persons who are difficult to communicate with, and those who are seen by staff as requiring 'special' attention, are often thought of as exceptions, and even nuisances. These elderly indude the ethnic elderly, those with dementia and persons with severe hearing loss and deafness. In an attempt to relate all patient needs to universal, rather than exceptional needs, a nursing care model was devised to show how any given patient need relates back to Maslow's universal needs hierarchy via a graded series of intermediate steps. This system incorporates the use of a philosophy, family contract, patient contract, interdisciplinary care plan, a life history, material needs record, 'likes and dislikes' record and an avocational assessment. It is designed to be used by everyone in the care-giving network, especially 'nurse ai des' and 'patient care aides'; the very persons who do the majority of the hands-on care with the elderly.