chapter  25
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Care-giving in dementia: review and perspectives

Care-giving in dementia carries with it achallenge for the future of all human beings. In spite of the enormous implications of care-giving, the approaches for interpersonal care are relatively new and bearing in mind the increased care requirements of elderly persons with dementia, our expectations for the future are thus laden with anxiety. The field of caregiving must be able to 'hold its own' beside the field of neurobiological research into dementia whilst it has barely begun to evolve; in fact most inter personal approaches are just beginning to develop and be utilized. Along with the desire to search for useful methods and approaches comes uncertainty arising from the hope that this goal is achievable, but not being sure. Besides this anxiety is the reality that many different disciplines, which have all been moulded separately, must work together in this field without any common vocabularly, theories, models or training as yet. The multidisciplinary approaches that are discussed in this book attempt to show the reader how care-giving in dementia is evolving, and to encourage each disciplille to fill in so me of the gap between research and practice. The result is like finding the focal point of a painting where all the lines of perspective meet. A book which is intended to be practical, for practical people, must dare to evaluate whether its goals have been met. The following synopsis and evaluative comments on each of the chapters are intended to help thc reader to do that.