chapter  8
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Reduced Death Threat in Near-Death Experiencers

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are profound subjective events with transcendental or mystical elements that are reported by about one third of people who have been close to death (Gallup & Proctor, 1982; Greyson & Stevenson, 1980; Sabom & Kreutziger, 1977). These experiences typically include enhanced cognitive functioning, including a life review; strong positive affect, often associated with an encounter with ineffable light; apparent paranormal elements, including an out-of-body experience; and a sense of being in an unearthly realm or dimension of being (Greyson, 1983b). Though their etiology has yet to be established conclusively, NDEs have been shown to precipitate a wide variety of pervasive and long-lasting personality transformations (Flynn, 1982; Greyson, 1983a; Noyes, 1980; Ring, 1984).