chapter  10
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Death Depression and Death Anxiety in HIV-infected Males

The purpose of the present research was to determine the death depression and death anxiety in gay men as a function of medical, psychosocial, and subjective state variables. The previous literature suggests that all three categories are important in gay men with AIDS. There is considerable evidence that AIDS patients suffer from a high level of subjective distress such as anxiety, fear, depression, hopelessness, suicidal rumination, and guilt (Baer & Lewitter, 1989; Berube, 1989; Dilley, Pies, & Helquist, 1989; Kooner et aI., 1989). Social support would appear to be a very important issue because of the literature that indicates that gay men with AIDS are not infrequently rejected by significant others including their families and by society (Berube, 1989; Cowen & Abramowitz, 1989; Dilley et aI., 1989).