chapter  8
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Understanding Worldview Transformation in Members of Mutual Help Groups

The workshop's purpose was to initiate a dialogue concerning 'good practice' issues in research and collaboration with mutual aid groups with the long range goal of developing ethical guidelines for professionals and for mutual aid organizations. A one-day workshop on problems of collaboration between mutual aid groups and professionals was held in September 1992 in Ottawa, preceding the first International Conference on Self-help and Mutual Aid. Writings on collaboration between professionals and mutual aid groups have considered the variety of roles that professionals could play and their satisfaction with such roles but have not taken care of naming the difficulties they could face or provoke in such roles as consultant, co-facilitator or researcher. The issue of confidentiality is of particular importance to many people who are members of those self-help groups in which anonymity is a central belief and right. The effective professional is increasingly one who listens to a person's own Health Belief Model.