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Salaries of Automation Librarians: Positions and Requirements

In virtually every type of library managers are attempting to make the most of the opportunities and to solve the problems that accompany changes in technology. Over the past couple of decades these changes have been revolutionary. Librarians have dealt with alterations in concepts of access, in ways to handle growth in infor­ mation. They have revised the means by which they accomplish the traditional functions of librarianship, such as cataloging, acquisi­ tions, and reference. One of the most pervasive changes that has accompanied technological development has been in the realm of personnel management. Most, if not all, of the functions of libraries have been affected by technology and have necessitated staff educa­ tion and training, alterations in job descriptions, and revisions in work flow. Because of the nature of the above changes, many li­ braries have added specialists to their staffs to manage automation projects.