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Core Competencies: Recruiting, Training, and Evaluating in the Automated Reference Environment

One of the key predicaments of post-industrial society is main­ taining a trained work force of specialists capable of responding to rapidly changing technological developments. In all service indus­ try sectors, managers encounter professional staffs with disparate skills, backgrounds, and capabilities. When position vacancies oc­ cur, managers face the threefold challenge of recruiting, training, and evaluating new personnel. This raises the question of which competencies are necessary for a highly technical position. Increas­ ingly, managers find themselves in a quandary trying to select a suitable person from a pool of applicants with uneven educational levels, experience, and exposure to the technology. In addition, managers must consider whether to seek a replacement based on the competencies of the former incumbent, or to recruit someone with collateral competencies to enhance overall departmental perfor­ mance. Finally, it further complicates recruitment when there are severe limits on staff development funds.