chapter  9
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How Individuals Within the School System Can Help Gay Students

I think that teachers and administrators are professionals, obligated to accept everybody and treat everybody with respect. That is part of their job. They don't have to like gays, they just have to accept them for who they are and treat them with the same respect they treat everybody else. (High school teacher)

Gay students do not, of course, always, or even usually, identify themselves. But they will be in every school and in every classroom. They are sometimes the lonely outsiders, they are sometimes the "sissies" or the "tomboys," but they also may be the best athletes, the school leaders, the accomplished scholars. It is not necessary for schools to know who is gay to help these students and it should be kept in mind that those gay students who are at the top of the school social heirarchy may be even less likely to acknowledge their orientation than those who run no risk of losing their social prestige since they already have little or none.