chapter  4
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The Skilled Helper at Work

HELPER: Hello, Mrs. Wilson. My name is Cynthia Thompson. Won't you pie ase come with me? My office is in here.

CLIENT: Thank you. HELPER: Have aseat, pie ase. How are you today? CLIENT: O.K. HELPER: It's a beautiful fall day today, isn't it? CLIENT: Oh yes, it's just beautiful. HELPER: Let me explain that what we talk about will be kept

confidential and just between the two of uso CLIENT: Oh. That's good to know. HELPER: Vh-huh. CLIENT: I've never talked to a counselor before. HELPER: I imagine you must be a littIe nervous, then, about be-

ing here. CLIENT: You're right. HELPER: What seems to be the problem? CLIENT: It's hard to know where to start. Well, the most im-

mediate problem is that my daughter ran away from horne.