chapter  17
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Section II: The Alternative Solutions and Their Possible Consequences

Cross, Salvation Army, Council of Churches

108. Get a 10an from friends or relatives 109. Ca11 Veterans Adninistration for

loan or benefits 110. Get a loan fran schoo1, scho1arship,

or conmmity 111. Get a fu11-time job 112. Get a part-t:ine job 113. Obtain food stamps 114. Be financially dependent upon

scmeone else 115. Check your insurance policy for

legal advice 117. Ca11 Medicaid, Medicare, Social

oounse1or 120. Investigate retirEment program where

information 127. Tell your pa.rents bow the situation

is affecting you 128. Talk to phaniacist for suggestions 129. Ca11 Alcoholics AnonyaDUS 130. Check into abospital. for treatment 131. Go to v.ell-baby c1inic 132. Call Cllstetrics Department in

students 144. Read "For Rent" and ''For Sale" ads

in newspa.per 145. Go up and c:Dwn streets 100king for

"For Rent" and "For Sale" signa 146. Call landlords and see if they bave

anything open 147. Stay in 'YMIYWCA, IOOte1, or hotel 148. Malre repairs, and ask landlord to

149. Make repairs. and pay for them 164. Go to hobby shop for ideas yourself 165. Look in the Yellow pages of the

150. Call city Housing Inspector phone book 151-Talk to area real estate agents 166. Canplain 152. Buy house fram landlord 167. Make appointment at County Mental 153. Find a different place to stay Hea1th Clinic

Opportunity Office by chureh or school 158. Talk to a cosmeto1ogist 171-Find a speech therapist 159. Join Weight Watchers 172. Ca11 area chapter of A1anon 160. Get rore exercise 173. Cal1 loeal crisis hot-1ine 161. Make yourself do whatever is 174. Help child establish new activities

necessary in hopes of solving and hobbies your problem that way 175. Become a volunteer in a conmunity

162. Change the situation service agency 163. Try different things and see which 176. Contact creditors to arrange

you Iike best partial payments

SOLUTIONS AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES 1. ARRANGE CHIlD CARE Possible consequences: (1) You would have saneone caring for

your child while you are gone. (2) It may make you feel lOOre secure. (3) It may cost something. (4) Child may make new friends. (5) Child may be unhappy being away

2. HlRE roMEDNE 'IO 00 THE IDUSEOORK Possible consequences: (1) You would have he1p cleaning house. (2) It would Ieave you rore t:ime. (3) Your home would be clean. (4) It may be costly. (5) You may not want sorreone else in

your home.