chapter  10
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The Importance of Feelings in Communication

WithLeilani Doty

Families develop typical ways to handle feelings. These ways may be passed down from generation to generation and become deeply woven into the patterns of behavior of family members. Positive feelings provide comfort, support, strength, and caring. They help a person to feel good about the self. Being indifferent means having feelings that are unconcerned or uninvolved in an issue. In a relationship that has developed over a long period of time, indifference in the people may be a sign that misunderstandings and hurt feelings have been ignored. Negative feelings are unpleasant feelings. They stimulate anxiety, fear, turmoil, and loneliness. The Facilitative Model helps a person to feel really heard. The model is comprised of six general kinds of responses to make to guide the communication. The six different kinds of responses include, reflection of feeling, clarification or summary, closed or open questions, support or praise, interpretation or analysis, and advice or evaluation.