chapter  11
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Selective Assertiveness

WithLeilani Doty

This chapter explores three components of selective assertiveness: passiveness, aggressiveness, and assertiveness. The purposes of selective assertiveness for people are twofold: to improve and increase the ways of acting in different situations and to be assertive as often as possible. A specific step to help a person be assertive more often is the practice of assertive body language. Working on one aspect of body language at a time, a person may appear to be acting in a more assertive way. Getting attention is important to the physical survival as well as to the emotional well-being of a person. Assertive behavior helps a person to get the right kind of attention that is needed. Expressing anger in an open way does not involve hurting others. Killer statements are negative comments that “kill” the feelings, thoughts, creative activities, and words of other people. Criticism includes the negative and positive comments that are made about a person, subject, or situation.