chapter  12
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Transition in Life

WithLeilani Doty

As the events of life unfold day after day and year after year, a person becomes aware of the constant change that is an integral part of the life process. Adult development includes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual areas. After going through the successive stages of childhood, a person passes through a series of adult stages. As people get older, they experience the process of aging in different ways. Adults seem to become more different from one another as they age. Aging has been described as a time of growth, minimal stress, happiness, health, continued development, and meaningful friendships. Median age is used to indicate the general age of a population. A median age of over 30 years indicates that a country has an old population. Agism is thinking or believing in a negative manner about the process of becoming old or about old people. Agism may be divided into two categories, age distortion and age restrictiveness.