chapter  1
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WithLeilani Doty

As people age, they undergo continuous, multifaceted change. Change involves personal and environmental concerns. With an attitude of lifelong learning, one’s change may involve self-awareness, understanding, and growth. Interpersonal relationships are important to the survival of people of all ages. Healthful, solid relationships depend on strong communication skills. Communication is strengthened with selective assertiveness. Developing appropriate assertive behaviors and attitudes provides the resources for an avenue of honest, respectful communication. There are ways to develop purpose and direction to achieve a sense of fulfillment. A goal is a general aim or the end result toward which a person works. Objectives are the specific steps taken to help a person achieve the goal. Each objective may be made up of several, individual steps. The goals for personal and social development are: awareness of self, improved communication skills, and an individualized assertive attitude and lifestyle.