chapter  3
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WithLeilani Doty

The study of communication will begin with the examination of two important areas, personal awareness, and relationships. Effective communication helps to develop and establish relationships. It aims to help one reach out to others and build links to others. To communicate effectively, one should become aware of oneself. A person must feel free to look at personal feelings, to look inside oneself and to accept oneself. In this way a person becomes in tune with his or her own needs and wants. The stronger the sense of self, the stronger is one’s identity. Some theorists think of identity in terms of the onion skin theory, layers upon layers of “personality skins.” As the identity becomes stronger, the person becomes more understanding and accepting of the self and others. Knowing about the relationships in one’s life plays a large role in good communication. The specific behaviors of people according to a position, social standard, or expectation, may be called a role.