chapter  4
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Basic Communication Skills

WithLeilani Doty

People with good communication skills pay attention fully to all the information being sent to them. They are careful to send clear, appropriate responses. Thus they receive and send accurate messages that are on target. When communicating a message, a speaker provides three levels of information, oral, kinesic, and undercurrent. Paying attention to all levels of trilevel language will enhance communication. Oral language is the spoken word. In addition to using oral language, people use nonverbal means to communicate. Nonverbal communication involves kinesics and undercurrent language. Kinesics is the body movement that accompanies the spoken message. Undercurrent language concerns the information underneath what the speaker expresses orally or through body movement. Feelings may enrich the spoken message. Feelings communicate the depth of interest and commitment to the message. Empathy is seeing and understanding another’s point of view without total emotional involvement in that experience. Sympathy is feeling immersed in the same emotional experiences of the other person.