chapter  7
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The Need for Communication Today

WithLeilani Doty

The United States has evolved from an agricultural society to a microtechnological society in the 18, 19, and 20th centuries. As a result of the changes in the lifestyles of its citizens, effective communication has become essential for older people to survive within the complex support system of the United States. People think of their identity or who they are in terms of what happens to them and around them. About 7 percent of older people need some assistance with the routine of normal, daily life. They are able to live in the community with a team of helpers, such as a housekeeper, a home health aide, and a close relative. Selective assertion is an important tool to use in establishing and developing relationships. Selective assertiveness is a process that helps a person make choices that are meaningful and fulfilling. Interpersonal skills are the tools that help people to make the experience of life rich with involvements, commitments, and challenges.