chapter  6
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Reparative Therapies

Although Nicolosi presumes to change homosexuality, and to be able to do so while working within a psychoanalytic frame of reference, he is not alone in claiming that a psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy can bring about this change in some people. In fact, he joins a list of practitioners dating back several decades, prominent am ong whom are Bieber (et al., 1962), Socarides (1968), Ovesey (1969), Hatterer (1970), Moberly (1983a,b), and Siegel (1988). These practitioners, in turn, are informed by other theorists, some of whom have already been discussed, who did not necessarily offer a sexual conversion therapy per se, but who did proffer psychoanalytic formulations as to the etiology of homosexuality (Rado, 1969; Khan, 1979).