chapter  3
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Theories of the Etiology of Homosexuality

T h e o r ie s of etiology try to explain causes and becauses. That is to say, they seek to provide both explanations and an ontological rationale for the way things are. An example of one such tale is “In the beginning God created m an .” This origin story then goes on to relate the subsequent creation of woman and, in the process, raises the issue of whether being first made man the better of the two. Or could the case be made that the later model improved upon the earlier one (de Beauvoir, 1952)? That is the lesson taught by another etiological story in which the G reat Spirit created man from clay. He underbaked his first attem pt,

creating a pale, white man. The next attempt baked too long and came out dark, that is as a black man. The Great Spirit got man just right on his third try with the Native American.