chapter  4
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Clinical Exposition

ByJoseph W. Slap, Laura Slap-Shelton

The content of the course, as the patient pointed out, was designed to show that women and men alike were valuable. The patient’s material was characterized by frequent shifts in theme; depending on what was happening any of the issues might appear. As the shape and content of the warded-off residue became a partially remembered, partially inferred reality, the patient gained conviction about the analytic process. Encouragement of patients in painful situation must fail, save those, usually short-lived, periods when encouragement may be interpreted by the unconscious as permission. In the pathogenic schema, the greater the effort by the patient to succeed, the more intense the attempt to hurt the brother, the more intense the countervailing paralysis. The patient was able to see that the supervisor’s remark was identical to the sort of thing her mother used to say to her.