chapter  5
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Dreaming, Transference, Working Through, and Other Psychoanalytic Concepts

ByJoseph W. Slap, Laura Slap-Shelton

Psychoanalytic concepts, some of which have an uncertain relationship to the structural model, are easily accommodated by the schema model. This chapter shows that the interpretation of dreams is entirely consistent with the schema model and conversely that the schema model lends an internally consistent theoretical basis for dealing with dreams. The sequestered schema encompasses in its organization, along with the traumatic issues, the reactive fantasies and associated affects of the traumatic period, the later relevant painful and gratifying events that have been assimilated into its organization. The schema model conceives of transference as having a different, in a way, opposite, meaning. According to the schema model, the phenomenology ascribed to the transference is brought about by misperception; that is, the sequestered schema perceives the analyst in a manner determined by an old and anachronistic template.