chapter  9
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The Force of Closure

The termination of a therapy session, as well as the termination of the entire therapy relationship, has special meaning to clients. The underlying philosophy of a session will be crystalized in the client's mind as the session ends. We have already discussed how the clients social network is addressed in the final stages of the multiple embedded metaphor. In doing that, the therapist orients clients away from dependence on therapy to the interdependence of their social network. But individual coping styles and mechanisms for frustration tolerance will determine just how clients consciously anticipate their adjustment. Consequently, in their adjustment to the possibility of being left with the resources created in therapy clients can be hindered or helped by their conscious interpretations. They will draw upon areas of self-image thinking that may not have emerged in the treatment to anticipate their independence; as they do so, they form opinions about the usefulness of the therapy received.