chapter  V
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Local 600 and the Vietnam War: Part II

In January 1970, the United Automobile Workers (UAW) and Local 600 began preparing for automobile contract negotiations. As Local 600 continued to prepare for upcoming contract bargaining, a group of 200 young Rouge workers banded together to introduce a “New Dimension for the 1970 negotiations.” President Richard Nixon, more than any other single factor, united groups within the UAW at the local and international levels and antiwar activists. In early 1969, Walter Dorosh articulated the concerns of many Americans in an article entitled, “Sizing up Nixon in 1969:” Dorosh, like many others, wondered what Nixon intended to do about the war. As a candidate he had intimated that he would end the war, though he never said directly that he had a “secret plan to end the War in Vietnam”—this was an enterprising newspaper reporter’s invention.