chapter  1807
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Whoever sec ures her in any jail so as I get her aga in, shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges if brought horne to Aquila Johns. BroadCreek, Prince-George's Country, 14th Feb.

4/7/07: Five Dollars Reward. Absconded from the service of Capt. Dangerfield, on Friday night last, a Negro Woman, about thirty years of age, about the middle size and of good appearance, she had on a brown cloth habit, check handkerchief, a scarlet cloak trimmed with ershine, a black round hat and sundry other clothing. She is called Jane or Jenny Davis, and was born on James River,

City Point. Any person securing the said Negro lane so that she may be returned to her master's house in Cameron-street, Alexandria, shall receive the above reward with reasonable charges on application to the Printer. April 7.