chapter  1810
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A bright mulatto man named Griffith, sometimes calls hirnself Griffin Darling, about 25 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, weIl, though not very stout made, a very light mulatto, grey eyes, dark hair and whiskers neatly cut, being an excellent barber and accustomed as a waiter all his life, when spoken to abruptly is much addicted to stuttering - had on when he eloped, a blue round jacket with red cape and pantaloons of cloth, Suwarrow boots, white hat, and black handkerchief about his neck - it is probable he will change his dress as he has a variety of good clothing with hirn. Having gone off without any provocation, I have some reason to believe this fellow is making his way to Baltimore or Philadelphia, with an expectation of imposing hirnself as a freernan. If he is seeured in jail so that I get hirn again, out of the state of Virginia or Maryland, or the district of Columbia, I will give Two Hundred Dollars;if otherwise secured so that I get hirn again, One Hundred Dollars. Cadwalader J. Dade. April 6-14.