chapter  1814
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Gerrard formerlY belonged to Francis H. Rozen, deceased, sold to me by Doctor Dangerfield. He has always lived near the Alexandria Ferry, on the Maryland side, and as his Parents are now living there, it is expected he is lurking about the Town of Alexandria or City of Washington. He has relations at a Mr. William Bell's, living on the Potomac, eight or ten miles below

Piscataway. He has also so me acquaintances, living in the neighborhood of the Occoquan Mills, in Virginia. As he is an artful fellow, it is probable he will change his name, and endeavor to pass for a free man - masters of vessels as well as all other persons are forewarned harboring or employing said Fellow at the peril of the law. Whoever will take up said Fellow, and secure hirn in so me Jail so that I get hirn aga in, shall receive the above Reward. James Morton. January 29.