chapter  1815
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Masters of vessels & all others are forewarned from harboring or carrying away said negro. Wm. E. Broadwater. March 7.

3/24115: 50 Dollars Reward. The under described Mulatto Man Slave, James, absconded from Robert K. Jones, in November last, after robbing hirn of 4 or 500 Dollars in money and clothes - was apprehended in Philadelphia, from whence he was shipped on board the sloop Industry, myself master, on the 12th instant, and made his escape from said vessel on the night of the 23d, about 10 miles below this city; it is not known whether he went on shore on the north or south side of James River, but the latter is most probable, as he would perhaps go to Petersburg, where he has a wife and several children. James is a bright mulatto about the ordinary stature, say 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, stoutly formed, has fine glossy black hair, which curls very much, pretty long whiskers, a scar across his nose, good front teeth, thick lips, with a smiling intelligent countenance, and is very polite and talkative; one of his fore fingers (whether that on the right or left hand is not recollected) is very much shrivelled, and retains a large sc ar from having been badly cut - he had on, when he escaped, a grey mixed coatee, and corduroy pantaloons, with boots very much worn. The above reward of Fifty Dollars will be paid, on his delivery to Robert K. Jones in Richmond, or Thirty Dollars if he is secured in any jail of this, or either of the adjoining States. Alexander Taylor. Richmond, Va., March 24-28.