chapter  1806
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Phillis is very black, weIl made, of middle size, some of her teeth out before, and about forty eight years of age. She took with her one calico habit, one white sprigged muslin habit, one blue stuff petticoat, one jacket and petticoat of linsey, striped with black, and two striped blankets. They were brought from the lower part of this state, near where Counsellor Carter lived. They will probably change their clothes, and procure passes, and mix with Carter's freed negroes, as they were acquainted with them, or they may make for Fredericksburg or Alexandria, having so me knowledge of both these places. They formerly belonged to major Valentine Peers, of Prince William, and were sold by hirn to Mr. George Newman, of Centerville. I will pay the above reward for apprehending and delivering to me the above described negroes, or a proportional reward for lodging them in jail, so that I may get them again. Joshua Fletcher. April 20.