chapter  3
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Coping Strategies

Coping behaviors may be functional, leading to positive outcomes. Coping strategies may focus on the appraisal of the event: that is, an effort to understand and find meaning in a crisis. Problem-focused coping attempts to deal with the reality and consequences of the crisis and create a better situation. Emotion-focused coping attempts to handle the feelings provoked by the crisis. Negative emotions can facilitate performance, or at least have a benign effect on performance as when feelings of unhappiness and disappointment stimulate positive action to change the situation. However, negative emotions may give rise to destructive behaviors, as when anger results in taking retribution in some way. Symptom-focused coping strategies for coping with job loss include joining social support groups. People use a variety of coping strategies that may be mutually supporting. Coping resources also influence coping strategy, personal and environmental factors that are available to deal with life-facet discrepancies.