chapter  2
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Perceptual and Cognitive Aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems

The purpose of this chapter is to provide some evidence and insight into the potential for human factors contributions in the design and system-level evaluation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This guidance is presented, when possible, through an exemplar large-scale evaluation recently completed: TravTek. The studies that TravTek comprised are reviewed, and the most relevant results from a human factors standpoint are summarized. The authors participated in both the driver-system interface design and the behavioral research. Large-Scale Evaluations (LSEs) are conducted to demonstrate the technical feasibility and viability of system concepts prior to their full deployment. The focus of the traffic management center (TMC) Design and System Architecture Evaluation was on the nonhuman parts of the system. Results indicated that TravTek was very reliable, that database accuracy was good, and that the TMC data fusion algorithm, probe vehicle concept, and distributed architecture all worked.