chapter  3
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Asch’s Moral Epistemology for Socially Shared Knowledge

For most of the last 200 years, the epistemology of science has been merged with an individualistic epistemology of ordinary knowing. Recently, however, selfcritical philosophers of science have come to recognize not only that science is a social product, but that any theory as to how scientific beliefs might increase in validity must include social-process components. Independently arising from disparate traditions, a new social epistemology has been emerging from within mainstream philosophy. Synthese (Volume 73, Number 1, October, 1987) de­ votes a whole issue to the topic. There is also a new journal, Social Epistemology (Taylor & Francis, publishers). I have been able to list some 30 philosophers now participating in the social epistemology of science (Campbell, 1986b). Fuller (1988) and Hull (1988) have devoted whole books to the topic.