chapter  5
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Recognizing the Role of Construal Processes

My personal contact, and friendship, with Solomon Asch began in the fall of 1976 when he was beginning a 1-year stay as a fellow at the Center for Study in the Behavioral Sciences. I had just coauthored a paper (Ross, Bierbrauer, & Hoffman, 1976) that offered an “ attributional analysis” of the classic Asch conformity paradigm, and he graciously invited me to the Center, which was located on a hilltop overlooking the Stanford campus, in order to discuss it. The focus of that initial meeting, as I recall, soon shifted from the narrow concerns of my paper to the current state of social psychology; and, before the afternoon was over, we agreed that we would meet regularly at the Center over the months ahead so that I could bring him up to date on any recent advances in our field-

“ advances,” he assured me with a twinkle in his eye, that he had “ probably missed” during the years he had spent devoting himself anew to problems in perception.