chapter  6
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Social and Moral Aspects of Food and Eating

From the point of view of any individual, the world can be divided into the self and the outside. Almost all of the material transaction in the direction of outside to self comes through one aperture, the mouth, and takes the form of ingestion (Rozin & Fallon, 1980, 1987). The mouth is the principal incorporative organ. Nothing could be more threatening or intimate than taking something into the self (body), and this occurs in every act of ingestion. On the biological level, inges­ tion is an absolutely fundamental and frequent necessity. However, it carries with it the significant risk of incorporating toxic or imbalanced substances. Hence, at the biological level, oral incorporation has powerful benefits and risks. It is not surprising that ingestion is an act about which people feel strongly and that liking and disliking are terms that naturally apply to foods.