chapter  21
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The Future of Air Force Social Work

I find it a daunting proposition to be writing about the future of Air Force social work. In the years to come, readers can look at what I have written and know how well I "foresaw" the future. (It reminds me of the rumors in the late 1970s that soon all of the military services would combine in creating one "purple" Department of Defense [DoD] Medical Service and that the Air Force Medical Service [AFMS] as we knew it would disappear. Today, the AFMS remains a strong institution and its personnel continue the tradition of the "bluesuiter." And those who predicted one consolidated DoD Medical Service still wait.) So, while I will not pretend to know where AF social work will be in twenty years, I can state unequivocally that we are in a very dynamic period as the AF social work system faces fantastic challenges and opportunities.