chapter  8
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Relationship Skills

To help children identify feelings and develop skills to manage their anger.


Paper, pencils, crayons or markers.


The therapists begin this activity by having the group members brainstorm as many words for anger as possible and write them on the board. The word list should include a continuum of angry feelings from irritated to rage. Children are then instructed to draw a thermometer. Each child identifies his/her own range of angry feelings along their thermometer, with the most "explosive, out of control feeling" at the top of the thermometer, and "the feeling you have when a mosquito or fly buzzes around your ear" at the bottom. Next, the therapist asks them to identify angry feelings at midpoint and again between midpoint and the top, and midpoint and the

bottom of the thermometer. Figure 8.1 illustrates the placement of feelings on the thermometer. The children may refer to the word list on the board for ideas.