chapter  9
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The Case of Hope Church

Hope Church is a real place, but the names of persons and institu­ tions and some of the details of the incidents have been altered to protect anonymity. This particular case was chosen because, over its long history, this community has manifested most of the patterns of behavior that were discussed in Chapter 8. It is important to remem­ ber, however, as we look at this case history that all persons and all institutions make the best possible choices, at the time, with the resources that they have available. Unfortunately, during the period of their development, individuals, families, and institutions fre­ quently come up short in the department of intrapsychic resources and interpersonal skills, particularly those having to do with self-es­ teem and conflict resolution. As a result, in the struggle to preserve their integrity they do the best they can, which oftentimes is destruc­ tive to particular parties, and even, eventually, to the individual, family, or institution itself.