chapter  1
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Here and Now

Whatever is actual is, regardless time, always in the present. Whatever happened in the past was actual then, just as whatever occurs in the future will be actual at that time, but what is actual-and thus all that you can be aware of-must be in the present. Hence the stress, if we wish to develop the feeling of actuality, on words such as "now" and "at this moment." ... Likewise, what is actual for you must be where you are. Hence the stress on words like "here." You cannot at this moment experience any event-that is, live through it fIrst-hand-if it takes place beyond the range of your receptors. You may imagine it, yes, but that means picturing it to yourself, and the picturing will be here where you are. I

Our interest in the satisfaction of needs does not imply a philosophy of hedonism. It merely states that if the individual is aware of what goes on inside of him and does something about it, he will feel better about himself than the person who does not possess the awareness or postpones atisfying himself.2