chapter  6
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Being Aware

A common objection to Gestalt therapy is that it is altogether too self-conscious. It is maintained that people in therapy are already overly aware of what they are doing. What they need is to be able to give up some of this awareness so they can behave less self-consciously, with grace and spontaneity. At first glance, this objection makes sense. . . . The awareness which concerns us in gestalt are also those which help restore the unity of the individual and integrated function. Before he can alter his behavior in any way, the individual must first encompass the sensations and feelings which go along with it. Recovery of the acceptability of awareness-no matter what it may reveal-is a crucial step to the development of new behaviors ... At its best, awareness is a continuous means of keeping oneself up to date. 1

You Use the Phrase "Being Aware" Frequently. Does This Have Some Special Significance in Gestalt?