chapter  6
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Grass Roots Again

WithDavid Williams

Believing that in all his ministerial appointments he had conscientiously laboured to serve all the people of Nigeria, Shehu Shagari resented both his peremptory dismissal from office by the self-appointed military despots and his own treatment by the military government. In May 1966, for several days the violence and destruction in Sokoto and some other centres of the province was as brutal as in other places in the Northern Region where substantial numbers of Ibos and other southerners lived and worked. The Ibos, however, eventually returned to the cities of the northern states, including Sokoto. The terrible days of 1966 looked like an evil memory and seemed to belong to a distant age. As in other parts of Nigeria - for the Ibos had fled from Lagos and the west as well as from the north - their surviving property was safeguarded in Sokoto.