chapter  III
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Privy Seal, ho ould not be in Scotland at the ti e; the Earl of Errol, ereditary igh onstable; Lord alfour of urleigh, late Secretary for Scotland, ho expressed hi self as very desirous of attending, but after ards found that fa ily arrange ents prevented hi ; Lord obertson, of the Supre e ourt of ppeal, hose engage ents stood in the ay, but ho tendered his congratulations on the fiftieth anniversary of the Society; the uke of ontrose, eeper of is

ajesty's Signet; Sir Charles B. Logan, Deputy-Keeper of His ajesty's Signet, ho as to be absent fro Edinburgh; Sir enry a pbellBanner an, whose engage ents did not ad it of his accepting the invitation; r. R. B. Haldane, K.C., who had also another binding engage ent; the Lord Provost of Glasgow, who had an i portant engage ent in that city; the Lord Provost of berdeen; Lieut.- eneral Sir harles Tucker, . . ., and his aide-de-ca p, ho ere absent fro Edinburgh; olonel Lord Playfair, ho, though originally accepting, had been obliged to leave ho e; olonel Trevor, Lieut. - olonel

lackett, olonel uff, olonel road ood, olonel ippesley, Sir Ja es ibson raig, aronet, onvener of the ounty of idlothian,

ho, though at first accepting, found that fa ily arrange ents interfered ith his presence; Sir Le is 'lver, art., .P., ho had been

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