chapter  V
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Shi).— The weaknesses of Mencius’s theory are fully exposed by another diametrically opposed theory propounded by Siiin Tsz (Jun-shi) and his followers. ‘ Man is bad-natured,’ says Siiin Tsz, * since he has inborn lust, appetite, and desire for wealth. As he has inborn lust and appetite, he is naturally given to intemperance and wantonness. As he has inborn desire for wealth, he is naturally inclined to quarrel and fight with others for the sake of gain.’ Leave him without discipline or culture, he would not be a whit better than the beast. His virtuous acts, such as charity, honesty, propriety, chastity, truthfulness, are conduct forced by the teachings of ancient sages against his natural inclination. Therefore vices are congenial and true to his nature, while virtues alien and untrue to his fundamental nature.