chapter  8
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Job Security and Insecurity: The Vulnerability of Part-Time Positions

T h e legal profession has endured violent turbulence i n the last decade. Several old , established corporate law firms have disbanded, among them M u d g e , Rose , Guthr ie , Alexander and Ferdon, R i c h a r d Nixon ' s law f i rm. Other leading corporate firms have faced serious compet i t ion for their clients. Government legal offices and corporation legal departments have been d o w n - sized. W h e n business declines, as it d id i n the early 1990s, part-time attorneys are especially vulnerable. Several o f the lawyers interviewed recalled a time i n the recent past w h e n everyone w o r k i n g part-time i n one large legal department was fired.Thus part-timers are caught i n a trap: they wish to w o r k fewer hours but are aware that their status makes them especially vulnerable and exposed. This predicament puts pressure o n many to work beyond their agreed-upon hours.