chapter  9
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Part-Time Status and Rank Discrepancies: Status Incongruity

Status contradictions are a major concern o f part-time lawyers. 5 9 For example, i n private law firms, seasoned associates w i t h histories o f full-time work w o u l d qualify for senior rank i f they had not chosen part-time schedules. It is c o m - m o n , especially i n large firms, for senior associates, even those w h o are on a part-time schedule, to supervise j un io r colleagues and to have direct contact w i t h longstanding clients .Yet, most part-timers are usually l imi ted to the entrylevel title o f "associate" i n large firms, no matter what their responsibilities. Similarly, part-time attorneys w h o are assistant general counsels i n industry and staff attorneys i n government may not have titles that characterize their skills and experience. Put succinctly by one discouraged part-timer, "There s no recognition for the seniority and the confidence that you have."