chapter  13
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Parents, Children, Child Care, and the Division of Labor in the Family

M a n y o f the issues that part-time professional work raises are l inked to society's norms about the role o f w o m e n and the care o f children. Individual time and work priorities for parents, and especially w o r k i n g mothers, are shaped i n part by questions o f "family values," the sex division o f labor, the rights o f women , the needs o f children, the "ideal family," and, o f course, the psychologies of individual mothers and fathers. A l though historically chi ld care has been the responsibility o f mothers, today fathers also are expected to share some o f the obligations and to appreciate the attendant satisfactions o f chi ld care. B u t it continues to be defined as a woman's issue, and, as we have seen, it has generated pressures to institutionalize part-time work i n the legal profession.