chapter  1
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Trisha W o o d , Hannah Kairys, and Leila R u b i n Webb 1 are experienced attorneys w h o sought reduced work schedules to put a cap on escalating hourly schedules when their second babies came along. The three practice law i n very different surroundings, but they share two goals that are important to them-to continue their careers as lawyers and to spend more time wi th their growing families. These goals increasingly had come into conflict as their careers advanced and time demands in the profession intensified, making it unlikely they could have "a life." Each was lucky enough to work i n an organization that permitted attorneys a reduced schedule (and, o f course, a reduced salary) and to have sympathetic supervisors w h o worked out schedules that met their and their organizations' needs. T h o u g h the new work arrangements did make it possible for the three to combine work and family life, they found that the solution to the fami ly /work conflict incurred costs, many o f them unanticipated. Little d id they realize that there is a politics o f time i n professional life.