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W i t h i n this book, we have gathered together a collection of work that we believe lies at the cutting edge of feminist scholarship, work that challenges psychological traditions, but at the same time attempts to generate alternatives.Yet even as we commend this collection we recognize that its meanings are not sealed within the borders of these pages. What these words meanwhat importance they have-depends upon the reader as their co-construer. As such, the book is both an invitation and a challenge to the reader, an inv i - tation to enter this exciting world, to enjoy the prospects that these authors bring to gender studies. It is also a challenge to j o in this endeavor yourself, and with the support of these chapters, generate new perspectives of gendered relations and new practices within science and society. As Brenda M a r - shall 2 has said, "What is at stake in our readings, our interpretations? It's not just a game. Every interpretation is a political move." So too are your responses to these pages.