chapter  4
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Pathways to Community Work

Jewish community worker Jill Anders participated in anti-Vietnam War demonstrations during college but said that the Peace Corps really raised her political consciousness. She joined in 1968 after graduating from col­ lege and was sent to Latin America with her husband who saw it as a way to obtain a draft deferment. She was highly critical of the training she received in the Peace Corps since she thought that it was designed to

elim inate anybody who they thought would make trouble. They saved all the future businessmen of America [from being drafted], basically. The idealistic sort of socialist types who were part of the early Peace Corps were completely out [by 1968]. And now it was much more bureaucratic —future business people, a lot of people who wanted to go into foreign service, who were hoping to expand daddy's business to [Latin America]. Those were the peo­ p le-a lot of MBAs. And the whole scene was very different. And I came into direct contact with U.S. imperialism. I mean, I had heard about it before, but now I saw it every single day, and it was amazing.