chapter  1
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After 1975: an introduction

The preservation and where appropriate, conversion to new uses of post-1919 buildings of merit is entirely consistent with conservation practice over the last century. Sometimes referred to the Sanderson Building, this is the only industrial structure designed by the leading Arts and Crafts architect and precursor of modernism, C. F. A. Voysey. Voysey's connection with Sanderson's was, no doubt, his own work as a textile and wallpaper designer. In 1986 the Voysey Building, as it is now to be called, was taken over by an architect's practice and an engineering firm for their own use. Early Modern Movement monuments in Britain are rare. They are also vulnerable, very often being constructed in concrete, a material which is neither popular nor durable if exposed to the elements. Built in 1934 by the migr architect Berthold Lubetkin in association with six Architectural Association graduates who called themselves Tecton, the Penguin Pool and its walkways are a classic.