chapter  7
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Approaching the reality of our times

The context of the criminological reality is global capitalism with permanent intensifying crisis and insecurity. The basis of the crisis is a human-made consequential reality and the attempts made by left-liberal intellectuals to explain the crisis as politics of fear that increases implausible and counterproductive. The postmodern liberal-left, lived in both the cloud and the vortices as the organic wellsprings of new communicative networks of people and new politics. Biopolitics, the management of the system and its politically inert yet libidinally active bodies, is not the malign yet productive force of Foucault's biopower. The current politics of crime data in the Western world defines the down crime and harms under criminogenic conditions in order to maintain the mood of optimism and political pragmatism. Smarter policing has probably reduced some of the volume crimes, but it also reduces the crime statistics by changing its practices of defining, acting against, recording and reporting incidents in order to meet performance targets.